February 6, 2020

Slow Pitch: An EdTech Design ThinkTank

Are You Ready to Slow Down the Pitch?

Join us to meet EdTech startups transforming education and their passionate founders!


About the event​

Join an interactive thinktank and pitch session where startups, mentors and the audience will dialogue and hone startups’ products so that they will transform learning and penetrate K-12 school markets. Selected edtech startups will provide demos, evidence of real/potential impact, and marketing/monetization plans for the mentors prior to the event. During the thinktank, we’ll cultivate a focused, generative dialogue between the startups, the educator, research, and business mentors, and the audience during demos, roundtables, and pitch style Q&A. Audience participation will be curated throughout with twitter, polls, and open-mic opps. This design thinktank will help emerging edtech advance and innovate.

Check out the recent research that examined the impact of SlowPitch on educators and startups.


6 February, 2020


Capitol Factory, ACL Room, 16th Floor

701 Brazos St, Austin Texas

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Open and free to the public. 


EdTech Startups


About the event organizer​

Joan E. Hughes

Organizer, Associate Professor of Learning Technologies, The University of Texas at Austin

Dr. Joan E. Hughes is an Associate Professor of Learning Technologies at The University of Texas at Austin. Her research examines how teachers and K-12 students use technologies in-and-outside the classroom for subject area learning, how school leaders support classroom technology integration, and how teacher education programs prepare new teachers to integrate technology. She began her educational technology career as an elementary and middle school computer teacher in Silicon Valley in 1993.



About the event co-organizer​

Grace (Eunhye) Ko

Learning Technologies Ph.D. Student

Grace (Eunhye) Ko - Grace is a Ph.D. student studying Learning Technologies at the University of Texas at Austin. She has been a high school English teacher in Korea for seven years and has participated in multiple projects involving technology integration in learning. She has worked as a research teacher at the Seoul Future School and developed mobile application WikiTalki to facilitate language learning in public schools. In each of these roles, she has witnessed the transformative power of technology integration in learning. She believes that when technology is embedded in teaching and learning with appropriate pedagogy, it can empower students to be the pioneers of their own learning.

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